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We're proud to never pester. Heart Research UK has never and will never knock on your door, stop you in the street or ring you to ask for donations unless we have your permission.
We like a personal approach, so if we want to contact you we do it ourselves. We treat people how we would like to be treated ourselves.

Whether you are raising funds, supporting our events, or backing us through corporate channels, we will always deal with you in a friendly and supportive manner.  We get lots of comments from people praising our work and the way we deal with them.  Here is a selection from the last year:

Amber Buckle, our eight-year-old fundraiser was recently honoured with an award for her fab fundraising at the Yorkshire Child of Courage Awards.  Following the death of her grandfather, Amber started fundraising and completed feats such as scaling the heights of the Yorkshire three peaks at just five year olds, playing the ukulele for our ambassador Adrian Purtell and selling reindeer food. Watch a short video to find out more about why Amber fundraises for us.

Torz Anderson
"After losing my Dad suddenly to a rare heart deformity in 2013 I decided to run the London Marathon in his memory; choosing a charity to run for was such a huge decision for me and after speaking to everyone at Heart Research UK it was by far the obvious choice. Their support throughout my training and fundraising was so motivating and heartwarming and there were always genuine messages coming through from the team to simply check in on how I was doing in life in general, given the difficult time I was going through. Their care, positivity and gratitude was inspiring and I have remained close to the HRUK team since. I will always hold a very special place in my heart for this wonderful charity, the HRUK team and all the work they do."

Dan Burgess, Survivor of an Aortic Dissection and founder of Aortic Dissection UK, Today is a good day.
"We looked for an organisation that our members could support  that specifically funded research directly into Aortic Dissection and found none better than HRUK. 
Funding  masterclasses annually with an Aortic Arch surgery masterclass  taking place at the human anatomy resource centre at the University of Liverpool in 2016  and an Aortic Fellowship at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital which have proven to be hugely successful.
It’s always a pleasure to work with people with  that  unique professionalism of a great organisation but it’s also very important to have that relaxed fun feeling and camaraderie and personal touch, And Heart Research UK have both in abundance. 
We thank you for all you do, your support is invaluable."

Victoria Grainger
"Losing my Dad was the most horrific experience of my life. When I wanted to do something positive I contacted HRUK to run the London marathon to raise money for them. I never imagined the support I would receive off Rachel & the team,the cards,emails & phone calls to wish me luck,check how myself & my family & friends are. Through the toughest time of my life,they were there.I will never forget the support & kindness & will forever support them in whatever way I can."

Catherine Fowler
"HRUK are the only charity within the UK & Ireland to make visible links between fundraising, research & investment into Aortic Dissection. 
Their Aortic Dissection masterclass offers practical training to new cardiologist surgeons across the UK & Ireland. Through this program HRUK are making a significant difference and improving the current situation for those who present with Aortic Dissection through driving improved Awareness within the NHS and saving lives through training new skills into the surgeon community. 
Sadly my father lost his life to the misdiagnosis of Aortic Dissection. I know the future can be different for others with the training, research & investment that HRUK are championing across the UK & Ireland. 
Aside from this HRUK have offered amazing emotional support & friendship in my darkest times. They are amazing individuals that make up an incredible team. HRUK you broke the mould as a charity... you bring hope to a brighter future helping hearts across the UK & Ireland. 
HRUK the world is a better place with you in it. Congratulations for all you have achieved in the past 50 years! Just imagine what you can achieve in the next 50!"

Gill English, East Surrey Choral Society
“We have been raising money for different charities at our Christmas concerts for many years now and I must say that yours has by far been the most pleasant and friendly to deal with!”

Carl Mynott, Community Supporter who is doing a series of challenge events
“Rachel, you and your team are gems.  Your support has been fantastic and I’m so happy to have raised what I did for Heart Research UK.  Those personally written cards make such a difference.  You are streets ahead of your peers.”

Tim Burleigh, St Peter’s Singers (Sing for your Heart)
“We really enjoyed ourselves and were delighted to be able to help in fundraising for such a worthy cause.  We’ll be delighted to come to sing again in December.”

Ryan Wilby, Caravan Guard Managing Director
"It has been an absolute privilege helping to fund Heart Research UK’s essential work over the past few years. ‘Paperless Policies’ has proved more successful than any of us could have ever imagined; put simply, it means our customers have the option to receive their insurance documents in a fast, more efficient way via email, while also giving them the opportunity to donate to one of the UK’s much-loved and relevant charities."

John Bottomley, Damart’s Marketing Manager
“Heart Research UK is an obvious charity for Damart to support, not only in terms of it being an incredibly worthwhile Yorkshire-based charity but also because cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer amongst women in the UK. The majority of our customers are women in the UK and they do not seem to realise how at risk they are from heart disease, particularly as they grow older. With this campaign we were able to help increase awareness about the disease in order to help our customers and staff around the UK to look after their hearts."

Managing Director of Damart
"Working with Heart Research UK has been a real eye opener into the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, which can sometimes be overlooked. Whether it's just taking the stairs instead of the lift or taking a lunch time walk, it's all made a big difference to the health of many of those taking part."

Melissa Fojt, Publisher at Emerald
“Emerald chose to support Heart Research UK as their Charity of the Year and will be raising funds for the ‘Helping Little Hearts’ project, helping children with heart problems to receive the best possible rehabilitation after leaving hospital. Emerald is a global company, all keen to support the charity. Everyone is behind the company’s decision to support Heart Research UK and we’re looking forward to all the fundraising events we have planned.”

HR Director of TD Waterhouse stockbrokers:
“We are absolutely delighted with Heart Research UK. The ongoing support is a key feature and much appreciated."

Employee at Sovereign Health Care had a Healthy Heart check:
"I think the Healthy Heart checks are a brilliant idea.  We should all make the effort to be more aware of our health and how to look after it, but being offered this help at work makes all the difference."

Health Improvement Officer, Leeds City Council:
“Many thanks for your support with making our Wellbeing Fortnight a success.  As part of Leeds City Council’s commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of its employees, we are delighted to be working with Heart Research UK. They have encouraged employees to think about small changes they can make to their lifestyles and, from a business perspective, focusing on health in workplace demonstrates that we value our employees, boosting morale. Additionally, the Council has an increasingly important role in promoting health and wellbeing in Leeds as a whole. As a major employer in the city, it’s vital that we support our workforce to think about their own health and pass on key messages to their families and friends. We look forward to working with you again”.

Organisational Development Manager, Damart:
“We’ve had another great year with Heart Research UK, so much so that our waist bands have shrunk, blood pressure has dropped and our BMI has gone down! We have achieved this by taking part in resistance band classes, Bums and Tums, training for the Great North Run and Leeds 10k and promoting healthier foods in our canteens. We have received a great amount of support from Heart Research UK and look forward to running future events with them.”

Health Champion, UK Asset Resolution:
“We’ve had a tremendous response from colleagues since working with Heart Research UK. We continue to introduce new and inspiring initiatives to help all colleagues have healthy hearts, as well as improving their overall health during the year. Many colleagues have already made lifestyle changes and are reaping the benefits of a healthy heart lifestyle”

Head of Training and Development at Lupton Fawcett solicitors:
“It has been a pleasure managing a programme that brings great benefits to both the individual's health and wellbeing, but, importantly for us, the business as a whole"

Head of Culture & Engagement, Simplyhealth:
“Heart Research UK offered superb support to our employees and did an excellent job of raising awareness of heart health. They arranged a number of visits across all of our office locations to provide healthy heart workshops. These provided a healthy heart score based on key information provided at the check and offered sensible advice to employees around maintaining or improving heart health. "Employee wellbeing is very high on the Simplyhealth agenda and working with Heart Research UK is a great way for employees to gain an assessment of their heart health without the need to book doctor’s appointments. They were a great benefit to employees and the business as a whole. We’d thoroughly recommend them!”