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Help fund the type of research which means Freddie is spending this Christmas with his family

Freddie was born on the 10th of May 2016. At three months old, he went for a heart scan which found two holes in his heart. His tiny body had been struggling for months.

At just four months old, Freddie was put to sleep in his mum Hayley’s arms and taken away for open heart surgery.

Hayley still remembers that day.

“Six hours doesn’t seem like a long time to wait, but it felt like forever. It was probably the worst day of my life. I couldn’t sit still so my husband Rob and I wandered around Leeds, not speaking, just waiting for the phone to ring. I was terrified it would ring too soon and then as six hours got closer and closer I was desperate to hear from the hospital. Finally, just after the six hours was up, we got the call.”

“The operation was successful, we could see Freddie. That day became the best day of my life.”

The only thing that’s left from the operation is Freddie’s badge of bravery, his scar, but even that fades every year. One day, when he’s ready, his mum and dad will explain why he has it and how lucky they feel that he’s still here.

This year, Freddie started school on the 9th of September – four years to the day since his operation.

“I can’t describe how grateful our whole family is for the amazing surgeons and the research into congenital heart disease that made it possible for us to see Freddie dressed in his school uniform for his first ever day of school. Research that is funded by people like you.”

Donate to Heart Research UK this Christmas and help fund the type of research which means children like Freddie can spend Christmas with their families.

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