Project Title: FIT Women

Award: £10,000

‘FIT Women’ will incorporate various fun and accessible forms of football with workshops geared towards practical understanding of the impact of healthy diets, lifestyle choices and weight management. The overall goal is to create a Healthy Heart culture amongst women in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre.

Through one of the first ‘FIT Women’ programme for women and a range of additional engaging workshops, BFCCT hope to break down the gender barriers to sport and get women back in the game when it comes to being physically active and healthy.


The number of people living in Blackpool who meet the recommendations for physical activity are in the lowest percentile compared to the rest of England. This project hopes to see women smashing these records, not letting their postcode determine their health outcome.


This project has been adapted to ensure it will be delivered in a COVID-19 friendly way will be ‘kick-started’ again soon.

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