Project Title: Darlington Hearts Delite

Award: £9,963

Darlington Hearts Delite aims to reach out to support and inspire those in the area who cannot easily access mainstream healthy living services due to disability. Each individual is encouraged to set personalised goals supported by fun, varied activities tailored specifically for their needs. 

The programme will introduce innovative, accessible and fun physical activities, including Wiggle and Giggle, laughing yoga and New Age Kurling, combined with growing and gardening workshops in the sensory garden. Using seasonal produce grown on site, beneficiaries will develop their own healthy heart recipes. Through take home recipes and sustainable lifestyle changes, around 400 people affected by disability, including carers and families, will be empowered along a healthy heart journey that goes beyond the life of the project.


This project has been on hold due to COVID-19 and plans are being put in place for the safe delivery of this project.

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