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Family 5K in Maidstone a roaring success

17 September, 2018
A man with a microphone in front of a group of children and adults

Kevin Hughes, host for the day with some of the participants

Almost 900 runners took on a 5K fun run in Maidstone on Sunday 16 September to raise money for Heart Research UK.

The family-friendly Subway Helping Heart™ Family 5K race, run in partnership between the Subway® brand and national charity Heart Research UK, saw families from Maidstone and beyond run, walk and even push buggies around the 5K course in Cannon Hill Park, including through the ‘Field of Fresh’ – a giant, inflatable obstacle course.

A smiling man and woman in Heart Research UK tops

Jenny Ripley, Events co-ordinator at Heart Research UK, and Luke Morris

One runner was Luke Morris, whose father, Tony Morris, died in 2012 due to hereditary hypercholesterolaemia – high levels of cholesterol in the blood caused by a faulty gene and which can lead to early development of coronary heart disease.

Luke said: “Dad was a healthy person. So when he said his chest hurt one day after I came back from college, we didn’t think anything about it. By the time I had gone upstairs to shower and my mum returned after picking up my sister, dad was no longer with us.”

“There’s a 50% chance that a relative could have the condition also.  So when we found out dad passed away because of this, my younger brother, sister and I were all tested.

“I was the healthiest at the time; I didn’t smoke and I had just won bronze in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the English Open.  When the blood test came back, I was the only one diagnosed with the condition.”

“When I found out about Heart Research UK’s 5K fun run, I knew instantly I had to do it.  To be able to improve my health as well as raise money for such a close cause really spurred me on.”

All money raised goes towards the Heart Research UK and Subway® Healthy Heart Grant scheme, which provides up to £10,000 each to local projects that actively promote helping heart health in the community.  You can find out more information about the Healthy Heart Grants here.

Two small children smiling with a dog, all wearing Subway t-shirts

A furry friend from the Maidstone race