Helping Little Hearts

We are delighted that for aisha have chosen to partner with Heart Research UK to support our ‘Helping Little Hearts’ projects.

for aisha is a UK baby and toddler food company who use 100% natural ingredients to make specially crafted, exciting, nutritious recipes enjoyed by over two million children.

for aisha will be donating 10% of their profits from their natural, healthy meals to help us continue supporting our ‘Helping Little Hearts’ projects which supports young heart patients across the UK through pioneering medical research.

Thanks to medical research, eight out of 10 babies born in the UK with a heart defect survive to adulthood. When Heart Research UK began 50 years ago, most of these babies did not reach their first birthday.

We’re funding pioneering medical research projects into Helping Little Hearts such as:
– developing a new 5-minute MRI scan for imaging the hearts of children with congenital heart disease to reduce cost and patient discomfort, and help doctors decide on the best treatments.
– growing life-like blood vessels to treat congenital heart disease which would grow with the child and remove the need for multiple traumatic operations as they get older.

We’ve also funded research into the benefits of physical activity on the rehabilitation of children with congenital heart disease. We worked with medical professionals, academics and patient groups to develop the Congenital Heart Disease Physical Activity Toolkit and they are now benefitting children in 95% of paediatric services throughout the UK, including Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Mark Salter, Owner of for aisha, said: “We’re thrilled to support Heart Research UK. Our partnership is based on our shared values to help little ones and their hearts by giving them the very best start in life.
Our nutritional experts have a real passion for healthy food and are always offering healthier alternatives to traditional meals. Childhood obesity is a fast-growing concern and we therefore produce nutritious, meals with healthy ingredients that are naturally low in salt and sugar to give children the best start in life. Thanks to our partnership with Heart Research UK, we can go even further by supporting their ‘Helping Little Hearts’ programme. Together we can work towards a healthier future for the next generation.”

Alexandra Preston, Head of Lifestyle at Heart Research UK, said: ‘Heart Research UK and for aisha are passionate about the health of babies and children. With the government’s commitment to half childhood obesity by 2030, building healthy eating habits from a young age is vital for the future health of our country.
Using herbs and spices to add flavour to meals is a great way to make meals delicious while remaining nutritionally balanced and healthy not only for children but for the whole family. The money raised from the sale of for aisha products will help fund ground-breaking research as part of our ‘Helping Little Hearts’ programme.’