Project Title: On Your Side

Region: Granada, Blackpool

Award amount: £10,000

Throughout their project, BFCCT have developed an array of different group physical activity sessions. Despite facing some challenges during the pandemic, BFCCT found new and innovative ways to deliver their project virtually when face-to-face sessions were not an option due to social distancing restrictions. Some of the sessions delivered include ‘Walk and Talk’ groups, a ‘Fit Fans’ fitness class, bootcamps, soccercise and a chair-based exercise class.

Many of these programmes have been adapted because of COVID-19 where online delivery has been a key part of the success of the project as a whole. For example, the ‘Walk and Talk’ groups were run as interactive sessions which gave people the opportunity to interact with each other, see various places during lockdown, and inspire others to do the same routes. This group was recently able to return to face-to-face delivery where its initial success has been evidenced by its ongoing popularity among participants. BFCCT report that:

“These walks have given people the chance to get out and walk and improve cardiovascular health as well as build friendship, socialise and enjoy the nature and beauty of Stanley Park.”

Blackpool Football Club Community Trust

Another successful programme has been the ‘Get Fit’ Group which proceeded the initial ‘Fit Fans’ programme that aimed to get previously sedentary individuals moving more. As part of the programme, BFCCT offered nutritional advice and fitness classes for the group, with the option of exercises to follow at home. BFCCT have reported that several of the group members have formed friendships and continue to meet for regular walks where they chat and grab a cup of tea. It is great to hear the momentum from this project has been sustained and that group members have continued to track their steps and have found such enjoyment from staying active!

Another key outcome from this project was the strength of social media in promoting connectedness. BFFCT set up a private group on Facebook as a way for group members to encourage each other to keep active and track steps where possible, with a competition that involved posting pictures of their walks. The aim was to help people to stay motivated and stay connected by building a social media community for their healthy hearts project.

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