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Obesity UK Bognor Regis

Project Title: Healthy Hearts Programme
Award: £9,000



Obesity UK (previously known as HOOP) in Bognor Regis are enabling members of the community whose physical and mental health are affected by obesity take part in a six week ‘Healthy Hearts Programme’.

Fully funded and specially adapted bikes are provided to help integrate socially isolated people, build their self-esteem and promote a more active lifestyle. Beneficiaries are offered bike maintenance workshops and weekly cycle rides, with a qualified ride leader.

A six week healthy eating and cookery course offers new skills, boosts confidence in the kitchen and helps beneficiaries understand the link between food and a healthy lifestyle, going beyond what traditional slimming clubs offer.

The project also works on mindfulness and goal setting techniques, helping empower beneficiaries to change their weight, lifestyle and health outcomes in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Obesity is one of the main preventable risk factors for coronary heart disease.  This funding will help to break down some of the social and emotional barriers to leading a Healthy Heart lifestyle.