Anglia - Heart Research UK

Peterborough Environment City Trust

Project Title: Growing Healthier Communities
Award: £10,000



‘Growing Healthier Communities’ really gets down to the roots of coronary heart disease, tackling low levels of physical activity and deprivation linked reductions in life expectancy for those living in the Central and Park wards of Peterborough. Members of the community are learning new cooking skills and creating sustainable heart healthy recipes, utilising the winter harvest in communal city spaces. Locals will then make the most of the early spring planting time and get harvesting outdoors so they’re involved in the full journey of wholesome food.

This project will work alongside local volunteers and health agencies in central Peterborough to provide opportunities for physical activity, healthy eating and community integration amongst hard to reach adults of Asian ethnicity. The project will engage with local BME communities through local mosques and schools, using their own language and cultural understanding to bring public health guidelines to life in a practical, accessible and sustainable way.