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Ravenscliffe Community Association

Project Title: Hearty Beat Programmes
Award: £10,000

The ‘Hearty Beats Programmes’ kicked off by offering free Healthy Heart Checks.  Heart Age was calculated using BMI and waist measurements, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, with discussions around healthy eating, physical activity, smoking and alcohol.  Those who were identified as being at high risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years were referred directly to GP services and offered tailored support in the community.

This project takes high risk adults living in deprived areas of East Bradford through from GP referral to a bespoke multi-component line up of activity. The ‘Hearty Beats Programmes’ aim to reduce heart disease risk through cook and eat sessions, educational workshops, 1-1 behavioural coaching and regular fitness classes.  A weekly peer led support group provides personalised and SMART actions, followed by a ‘Beat it Maintenance’ plan, making a measurable difference to heart health in the community of East Bradford.