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Rhondda Netball

Project Title: Rascals and Back to Netball
Award: £5,500

This traditional sport inspired programme aims to break the barriers of gender inequality in Rhondda where women typically get left behind in the league of physical activity with limited access to healthy team activity.

‘Rascals’ sees little ones throwing themselves into being active and having fun, with girls aged 4-7 years now able to access team sport at an early age through subsidised and tailor made classes for little hands. They’re quickly learning that getting into sport can keep your little heart happy.

‘Back to Netball’ sees women aged 40+ after many years of being inactive now enjoying getting back into the school game they once loved. As they develop new friendships, see improvements in fitness and skill and feel supported in living a healthy lifestyle, Rhondda women are now filled with a sense of community spirit and energy.