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Northern Ireland

Willowfield Parish Community Association

Project Title: Lifeguards Healthy Hearts
Award: £10,000


The ‘Lifeguards Healthy Hearts’ programme will see children from the top 10% most disadvantaged areas in Northern Ireland learn how to save their own lives by looking after their hearts.

This six week programme includes fun, interactive workshops around topics like good hydration and healthy snacking and non-sport specific fitness challenges for children as young as five years old up to Year 9 in secondary school. Children attending special needs schools are welcome to join the programme. A significant number of children taking part in the programme struggle academically and have social, emotional and behavioural problems, whilst many prioritise their games consoles over being active and junk food over a balanced diet.

To engage with children and inspire a healthy lifestyle, cartoon characters Larry the Lifeguard, Harry the Heart, Andy the Artery, Brock the Broccoli and Water Girl enforce key healthy heart messages through a child friendly comic book, training manual, YouTube videos and a Healthy Heart Fitness app.