Medical grants & training

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Heart Research UK awards grants for research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.  Also, our Masterclasses provide educational and training opportunities for clinicians.

Currently, we are offering the following types of medical research grant:

Scotland Grant

Up to £150,000.  Heart Research UK is committed to supporting research at hospitals and universities across the United Kingdom, including Scotland.  In 2018, we are pleased to announce a special grant for Scotland.

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Northern Ireland Grant

Up to £150,000.  In 2017, we announced a special grant for Northern Ireland and in 2018 we are inviting applications again from researchers at institutions in Northern Ireland.

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Translational Research Project Grants  

Up to £150,000 each. These grants aim to bridge the gap between scientific research and patient care, bringing about clinical benefits in the most efficient way. This may advance current practice or enable innovative discoveries to be efficiently transferred into practical tools to prevent, diagnose and treat human disease.

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Novel and Emerging Technologies Grants

A maximum of £250,000 is available.  Research projects with an emphasis on (1) novel and emerging technologies and (2) their application to cardiovascular disease prevention and/or treatment, which can be expected to benefit patients within a foreseeable timeframe, will be considered. Appropriate approaches include tissue and bioengineering, the development and evaluation of new diagnostic and therapeutic devices, bioimaging, nanotechnology, biomaterials, genomic and proteomic approaches, computational biology and bioinformatics. NET Grants are not appropriate for funding clinical trials.

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PhD studentships

HRUK does not have a specific grant scheme for PhD studentships but PhD funding can be applied for as part of a Translational Research Project (TRP) Grant, a Novel and Emerging Technologies (NET) Grant, Northern Ireland Grant or a Scotland Grant. Applications can include funding for a stipend of up to £16,000 per annum, university tuition fees (UK rate) and research consumables up to £5,000 per annum.  To apply for funding to support a PhD studentship, the proposed supervisor must complete and submit the appropriate application form, together with 'Appendix 1 - PhD Details', by the closing date.

Masterclass series

Places on our Masterclasses are free to delegates with registration and accomodation costs funded by Heart Research UK.  They are the ideal opportunity to gain new skills, knowledge and hands-on experience of the latest techniques from leading experts in the field.  Topics of Masterclasses have included 'Arterial Revascularisation for CABG', 'CMR for Coronary Heart Disease', 'Aortic Arch Surgery' and 'Minimal Invasive Extracorporeal Technologies'. Read more about our Masterclasses