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Dr Chris Watson

Each year our expert medical review panels carefully assess the many applications we receive from teams in hospitals and universities around the UK needing grants to help them progress their work into understanding, diagnosing and treating the country's biggest killer, heart disease.

Click on these current HRUK-funded projects to find out more:

University of Bristol - £117,433 - Can macrolide antibiotics prevent drug-induced cardiac arrhythmias?

Royal Brompton Hospital and Imperial College London - £106,043 - Developing new MRI techniques for microscopic insights into heart muscle structure

University of Leicester - £182,912 - Developing a novel ECG-based test to measure the risk of sudden cardiac death

Birmingham Children’s Hospital and University of Birmingham - £46,900 - Studying exercise capacity and cardiovascular function in children born with ‘half a heart’ (only one ventricle in the heart)

William Harvey Research Institute, London - £88,489 Development of a novel biological medicine for heart attack

Loughborough University and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust - £147,805 Exercise to reduce heart disease risk: which type of exercise programme is most suitable for people with a kidney transplant?

Glasgow Caledonian University - £76,500 Can 'small RNA' molecules prevent build-up of fats in arteries?

University of Dundee - £137,206 Reducing inflammation to protect against heart and blood vessel disease

Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - £249,612 Making every donor heart count

University of Leeds - £125,105 Blood platelets and inflammation in heart disease

University of Bedfordshire - £86,434 The benefits of breaking up prolonged sedentary time on heart disease risk in people with spinal cord injury

Bristol Heart Institute - £76,054 Building new blood vessels to treat babies with structural defects of the heart

Imperial College London - £148,890 Detecting heart muscle stiffening early

Sheffield Hallam University - £144,134 Investigating the benefits and risks of using electronic cigarettes as an aid to stop smoking

University College London and Great Ormond Street Hospital - £217,373 Imaging the heart in children born with heart disease - the 5-minute magnetic resonance scan

University of Oxford - £247,685 - Novel treatment for ‘pseudoaneurysms’ in the groin

Queen's University Belfast - £149,540 - Studying how DNA is expressed in diseased hearts

University of Leeds - £132,190 - Using biological gases to control abnormal heart rhythms

University of Bristol - £146,930 - Reducing vein graft failure following heart bypass surgery

Imperial College London - £149,518 - Could UDCA be a new antifibrotic therapy for chronic heart failure? 

William Harvey Research Institute - £144,825 - A new treatment to prevent kidney damage in people undergoing angiography

University of Glasgow - £72,893 - Investigating the role of the ‘basement membrane’ in heart disease