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masterclasses give surgeons, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and others the chance to learn from the experts in their specialist fields in order to hone their skills and improve their knowledge so that more heart patients from across the UK can benefit.

Details of our forthcoming Masterclasses will be announced soon.

Ever wondered how surgeons improve and perfect their skills?  It’s through learning the basics then working alongside, and learning from, their more experienced colleagues until they have enough expertise to take the lead.

Like most skills, practise makes perfect and the more practice they get, the quicker they perfect the techniques needed to be fully-qualified surgeons.  It doesn’t stop there, as new ways of helping patients are pioneered, old ways challenged and new technologies are developed on-going training is essential.

This is where Heart Research UK comes in.  Our unique Masterclasses are creating the experts of tomorrow by filling gaps in training, showcasing new methods and giving the opportunity to world-leading surgeons to pass on their expertise.  All provided by Heart Research UK, at no cost to those attending ensuring that more clinicians take expertise back to local hospitals across the country.

As with all of our Masterclasses, the latest is a first in the UK.  In a state of the art facility, 16 young surgeons learnt how to perform a heart transplant; from taking out a heart to implanting it, in situations as close to real life as possible.  This pioneering Masterclass heralded a new era for transplantation training and with future Masterclasses planned, more young surgeons can go on to give the 'gift of life'.

Watch a video of our most recent Masterclass on Mitral valve surgery below:

Heart Research UK was founded over 50 years ago to make surgery safer and we are very proud to say that, today, heart operations are an everyday occurrence across the country.  Thanks to research paid for by our charity and the care and expertise of heart surgeons, hundreds of thousands of people go on to live healthier, happier, longer lives.  

This hands-on experience would not have been possible without the generosity of people who donate their body to medical research.  We would like to pay tribute to the donors and their families and thank them most sincerely for their selfless contribution to help save lives.