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Healthy Heart Tip: Have yourself a healthy happy Christmas

05 December, 2018



Christmas is a time for celebration and fun so a bit of a blow out at the office party or family get together seems harmless, right?


Reports suggest that the average Brit consumes as many as 5,000 calories at the office Christmas party and over 6,000 calories on Christmas day – you’ll need around eight hours of hill climbing to work this off.
If you don’t want to be a spoiled sprout this Christmas but want to avoid resembling the rounded belly of the big red man, chew over our festive healthy tips:


  • Liquid calories
    Swapping a large glass for a small glass of white wine could save you 150 calories each time- about the same as two roast potatoes. A pint of beer will set you back over 200 calories, about the same as a mince pie. Go easy on the glass sizes and take a break in between with some active fun like twister, dance games or charades.
  • Go elf size
    Try roasting your own thumb sized snacks like chestnuts which are naturally low in fat and salt. They take a little effort to crisp up and open so you can savour every bite instead of gorging through a bag of peanuts which could set you back 1600 calories.
  • Seasonal veg
    Make the most of the abundance of festive fruit and vegetables available over the Christmas period like wintery parsnips, zesty candied peel, vibrant cranberries and fresh green sprouts. For roast veg that is kind to your heart, use a light spray of rapeseed oil and season with spices like cinnamon, thyme and paprika.
  • Christmas nosh
    Keep a little routine and curb the temptation for high calorie snacks by having a hearty breakfast. Try something a little luxurious but still heart healthy like poached egg and salmon on a seeded bagel. Or add some chopped apple, cinnamon and heart healthy nuts to a comforting hot porridge.


Christmas is a time to be merry but you don’t have to give the healthy lifestyle the boot to have a good time. Have a little treat in moderation but keep food bright, colourful and wholesome. Dance, laugh and fill yourself up on goodness.