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Healthy Heart Tip: Sing for your Heart

30 November, 2018

We might not all be able to belt out a good tune like a rock star, but we’ve all had a go at singing in the shower. Whether you’re in the bath, getting your glad rags on, behind the wheel, or preparing dinner- when you sing you feel relaxed, content, mindful and happy.

Singing and listening to music has been linked with improving your immune system, better breathing, a healthier mind and even helping you to cope with chronic pain. All of this is wonderful news for the most important muscle in your body, your heart. Use our healthy tips to get yourself tuned in to a healthier, happier life:

  • Get the fix
    It’s a busy time when good habits tend to slip amidst the need for an energy fix. Before you open all the windows on the advent calendar or reach for the festive eggnog, see how good it feels to belt out some tunes and work those vocal chords and lungs instead. We dare you to sing out loud in public. You’ll feel happy and uplifted without the added calories.


  • Become part of something bigger
    When people sing together there is an increased sense of belonging and purpose. Do a good turn for your community and sing some Christmas carols or number 1 hits at your local hospital, care home or sheltered accommodation. Throw in some popular classics and you’re sure to get people smiling and joining in.


  • Shake it off
    Bellowing out a tune increases aerobic activity, boosting the flow of oxygen around the heart and lungs and driving up heart rate. The benefits for your heart depends on your level of effort. Combine with a good boogie to make every note count.


  • Let the beat drop
    When your heart is happy and free from anxiety, blood pressure drops and your heart becomes much better at doing the job it’s meant to be doing- staying alive. If you enjoy singing and you’re passionate about helping people live healthier, happier, longer lives, click HERE for more information about how to get involved in Sing for your Heart this December.


Singing, dancing and laughing are a tonic for your heart, best combined with healthy eating and exercise and enjoyed in good company. So fine tune your vocal chords and Sing for Your Heart.