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Healthy Tip: Add time to your ticker

23 October, 2018


With the days drawing in and temperatures dropping, you might be tempted to snuggle under the duvet and hit the snooze button, but early birds may be ahead of the game when it comes to a healthy heart.


Early birds tend to clock up more healthy choices into their day, being more active and eating regular healthy meals. So when the clocks turn back on Saturday night don’t waste your extra hour in a state of slumber, use it to kick start some heart healthy habits and turn over a new leaf this autumn.


Things to do in 60 minutes …

  • Warm your cockles
    Sitting for long periods of time watching TV or scrolling through social network sites can add an energy slump to your evening and clock up your heart age. If colder temperatures keep you from enjoying your usual sport, turn your web surfing into app based workouts, sofa slumbers into sofa dips and TV snack breaks into stair lunges. Sit less, move more.
  • Plant the seeds
    Growing your own fresh produce is a wholesome hobby for your heart and mind so enjoy your home grown harvest as part of your 5-a-day. Sow the seeds of an antioxidant boost and joy to your heart by planting festive cranberries or lingonberries. Traditional carrots, peas and broad beans are pretty hardy and can stock up your freezer for winter.
  • Take stock
    Get out of the rut of the same old meals- be adventurous and experiment with new ingredients and recipes. Low in fat and packed with fibre try some pulses, chick peas, lentils and beans for a healthy and colourful alternative to meat. Swap the knob of butter or spoonful of sunflower oil for a light spray of rapeseed oil. Ditch the salt and spice it up with colourful paprika, turmeric or cinnamon.
  • Tick along with the season
    The beautiful colder season offers you an array of opportunity to look after your heart in the great outdoors. Take a camera and venture out for some woodland walks. Explore new heights by heading to one of our great National Parks. If you have a little tribe in tow, now is a good time to make an autumnal collage, pick some blackberries or dig up pumpkins- have some fun and keep those little hearts beating and happy.


Whatever you get up to during the colder months, try to use your extra hour on the clock wisely and put your heart first.