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Healthy Tip: Have a heart healthy Halloween

26 October, 2018


Halloween festivities can be a lot of fun but it’s easy to get caught in a web of sugary and high fat snacking which can spell trouble for your heart.

Fear not! Heart Research UK’s healthy Halloween tips are easy to prepare and guaranteed to make your Halloween night a thriller!


So whether you’re throwing a party or welcoming trick or treaters, get your best witch or wizard cloak on and stoke up the cauldron. These healthy recipe ideas are devilishly delicious.

  • Keep it playful
    You’re never too young or old to do a bit of apple-bobbing. Why not mix it up with other fruits or vegetables like strawberries or cucumbers? There are plenty of events this time of year to get your heart racing, check out the local fright nights, mazes and spooky midnight walks.
  • Fright night food
    Make a heart-healthy meal by halving peppers and filling with vegetable rice, pulses or cous-cous. Make eyes out of raisins and scary teeth from sweetcorn for an extra special scary surprise and serve with stir-fried ladies fingers
  • Trick or Treat
    Challenge those who dare to pull a plastic spider out of a bowl of tinned ghostly gooseberries, or use a food colouring pen to draw veins on lychees drained from a tin- they’ll look like eyeballs but taste delicious.
  • Waste not want not
    Think pumpkins are only good for carving? If so, you may just be in for a fright. Have fun carving and even more fun making our delicious pumpkin soup, full of vitamins, minerals and heart healthy fibre. To make it an extra special centre-piece, serve it out of a scary hollow pumpkin with some glowing eyes at the top.


Use Halloween to cook up a treat for your heart. Try something different – get creative with the fruits of the season, clock up some active minutes by getting playful and most importantly have some fun.

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