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Healthy Tip: Say “I do” to a healthy heart

17 October, 2018


Wedding fever has gripped the office here at Heart Research UK. Last weekend our Chief Operations Officer, Sam danced the night away after saying “I do.” With another four brides to be in the office, weddings are a regular topic.


Talk about new dresses, hen parties and hair trials have spurred everyone on to be a fitter and healthier self. There is often an afternoon glow on the cheeks of staff as they hit the gym at lunchtime and we’ve even started a ‘Fit Friday weigh-in’ to help support each other.

Whether you have a wedding in the calendar, you’re planning your Christmas parties or you have a family celebration coming up, follow our tips on how to keep healthy and still have a good time:

  • Have an active morning
    Parties and weddings often involve a night away so don’t forget to pack your trainers. Take advantage of the rolling hills, have a wander round the local town or use the facilities where you are staying. Burning a few calories can help you feel energised, clear your mind and help you feel in control of the choices you make later on.


  • Breakfast dilemma
    Don’t skip breakfast, it’ll just leave you hungry and gorging on calorific finger food later. Focus on putting healthier options on your plate – wholegrain toast topped with mackerel and chopped tomatoes will keep you fuller for longer and give you a heart healthy boost of energy for the day.


  • Cap the fizz
    Weddings, staff do’s, family celebrations, they all tend to mean the drinks are flowing early on – pace yourself. Go for smaller glasses and alternate alcoholic drinks with a splash of fresh fruit juice diluted with water. Ask for a ‘slice and ice’ for a low calorie mocktail.


  • Dance with somebody
    There’s nothing like throwing some shapes at party to really get your heart pumping and adrenalin flowing. A good boogie has been known to do more for improving mood and burning fat than the equivalent time spent swimming, cycling or jogging. So get on that dancefloor and show your moves.


Your heart is priceless. When celebrating good times, make a promise to still think about your heart with just a few healthier choices.