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Heart Research UK at the 2018 Great North Run

11 September, 2018

Our determined team of Heart Research UK runners helped us to raise over £10,000 at the 2018 Great North Run.  Here are a few of the highlights from the day

A man and a woman smile with medals around their necks

Amy Waite and Gary Hood

Amy Waite and her father Gary Hood recorded a great time of 2 hours and 32 mins and smashed their fundraising target to raise £870!  Four years ago, Gary suffered a stroke due to Atrial Fibrillation (irregular heart beat), and, thanks to new innovations in research, Gary has thankfully now made a full recovery.  Congratulations to them for their great achievements.


A woman smiles and gives a big thumbs up

Vicky crossing the Tyne Bridge

Vicky Casebourne raised over £1500 for Heart Research UK at the 2018 Great North Run, raising money as her grandmother had recently suffered a heart attack. When Vicky told her grandmother she was taking on this challenge, she said: “Oh good, that’ll help you lose some weight!”  A big thank you to Vicky and congratulations on an impressive run.


A man holding a medal, with a lady and a small dog

Chris with Naomi and Elmo


Chris Benson raised over £300 and already has his eyes set on his next challenge – a full marathon.  As he works in cardiac physiology, Chris spends every day working with people with cardiac disease, so knows first-hand how the money he raised can help.  He was greeted on the finish line by his fiancé Naomi and their dog, Elmo!



Two men smiling holding medals

The Saxon brothers – Daniel and Matthew

Who needs the Brownlee brothers when you’ve got the Saxons?  Matthew Saxon was running for Heart Research UK for his friend Jim Lynskey, who currently has an LVAD machine and is awaiting a heart transplant.  On the day, Matthew was suffering from an injury, so brother Daniel ran alongside him to help him through, sacrificing his own time.  Move over Jonathan and Alistair!



A man and a woman making a heart sign with their hands

Kim and Gavin from Caravan Guard

Ever eager to raise money for Heart Research UK, Halifax-based Caravan Guard fielded a team of 3 runners supporting Heart Research UK at the Great North Run.  Gavin Foster, Kim Walters and Liam Metcalfe raised over £2000,  with ‘Healthy Heart Champion’ Gavin clocking up a very impressive time of 1:24:27, finishing in 188th place overall!  A huge congratulations to the Caravan Guard team.


If you’d like to get involved in next year’s run, or any other fundraising challenges, visit our Challenges page, or email Rachel at community@heartresearch.org.uk.