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Heart Research UK’s ‘Swim the Channel Challenge’ – Meet the Swimmers: Laura Bentley

10 October, 2018

Here at Heart Research UK, we’re challenging you to complete what may seem like a daunting feat – swimming the channel.  But fear not, you won’t be battling with icy water in the open sea; you can do it all from the comfort of your local pool!

We caught up with Laura Bentley, 27, from Wolverhampton, to find out about her epic swimming challenge.

A lady smiling wearing a Heart Research UK T-shirt

Laura Bentley

What made you choose to swim the Channel?

Laura: I chose to swim the channel after I took an interest in swimming to get fit.  I thought I may as well get fit and raise money for charity!  Win-win!

Why Heart Research UK?

 Laura: My partner’s father actually died from a heart attack, and my partner himself had a stent fitted in his early 30’s.  Had this stent not been fitted, he would now be in a very different position.  That’s why I picked Heart Research UK.

How did you find the challenge?

 Laura: It was difficult for sure, especially after a full day at work the last thing I wanted to do was get in to a freezing cold pool!  The end result was worth it though- I’d raised money for charity, improved my fitness and found a form of exercise I enjoy.

 What has motivated you throughout your challenge?

 Laura: Finding motivation was incredibly hard at times but I’ve really been motivated by people sponsoring me, and also a desire to improve my own fitness on a personal level.  I just got on with it and never looked back!

Have you ever done anything like this before?

 Laura: I haven’t done anything like this before, but it would be great to see some new challenges from Heart Research UK for me to get stuck into!

 You too can join Laura in completing this incredible journey, improve your fitness and help raise money to fund Heart Research UK’s pioneering medical research. You can find out more about our Swim the Channel challenge here.