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How Your Company Can Help

There are a number of ways that your company can choose to support Heart Research UK and we always aim to make working with us super easy for you. It shouldn’t have to be difficult or complicated to raise money, we know your time is precious and your demands are high so we make sure things are as simple as possible for you and most of all……fun, engaging and mutually beneficial.

Businesses across all industry sectors regularly tell us of the significant and rewarding impact their involvement with Heart Research UK has on their business. Whether it’s a passionate message resonating with consumers, engaging employees with health and wellbeing initiatives or simply the feel good factor of knowing the money they raise is spent on pioneering medical research that works.

Working with partners ranging from FTSE100 brands to the local green grocers, Heart Research UK has a range of opportunities for your business which can transform the way that a business is seen from both an employee and public perspective.

Whether focused on your business objectives (reaching a new audience, increasing sales, improving customer loyalty) or from a purely philanthropic perspective, we are ready to share the passion and values of Heart Research UK with you, your staff and anyone who comes into contact with your business.

Please see below for all the opportunities available to your business and if you have an idea you'd like to talk to us about, please contact us at or call 0113 234 7474.

How we will support you

We can support you with:

- Generating positive local and national PR
- CSR support
- Downloadable support tools
- Diet, exercise and general health advice
- Dedicated account manager providing support, feedback and partnership review

Strategic Partnerships

Work with Heart Research UK to help deliver key themes in your business strategy including health and wellbeing, exercise and activity, nutrition and diet.

Our corporate partners choose to work with Heart Research UK for a range of reasons, not least the opportunity to align their corporate identities with a passionate, innovative and forward thinking charity like ours. With a significant and exceptionally well established supporter base in the UK, we are well placed to work with the corporate sector for mutual benefit, through a range of methods. Strategic partnerships are the ideal way to ensure we meet objectives on both sides. To achieve this, we take a consultative approach to the development of relationships, based around the long-term needs of your business and of Heart Research UK. A true partnership for us is one that gives you the opportunity to meet your commercial goals and reporting requirements, while playing a key role in helping Heart Research UK fund research into the prevention treatment and cure of heart disease

To discuss strategic partnerships with us, please contact or call 0113 234 7474

Cause related marketing / brand licensing and product partnerships

Heart Research UK works with companies on cause related marketing which raises money through products which feature our logo.

Worthwhile causes can trigger powerful emotive reactions in customers that might be harder to evoke when just talking about your product. Research from Business in the Community shows that these relationships work: 86% of consumers are more likely to buy a product that is associated with a cause or issue and 73% of consumers agree that they would switch brands for the same reason

Shelf presence can sometimes become stagnant when your packaging remains the same, but a flash promotion on your packaging highlighting a charity partnership can re-engage your lapsed customers and attract them to buy your product. Using this method of supporting us can ‘emotionalise’ your brand and create a new buying experience for your customers, while helping us raise awareness of heart disease.

We are always on the lookout for new ideas and products that can raise money to help us deliver medical research that works. Our partners reflect similar values and share our passion and this connection builds a strong working partnership which delivers tangible results. Heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer so Heart Research UK continues to resonate with the public and can help:

- Drive sales
- Generate new customers
- Build brand engagement
- Create positive PR and CSR stories
- And of course, raise funds into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease

To discuss supporting us through cause related marketing, please contact or call 0113 234 7474

One off staff fundraising

Planning for fun in the workplace can sometimes get a hard time, but we think there’s still space for a little organised fun such as a healthy bake off, step-a-thon, dress down day, team walk or static bike ride. Rally up your colleagues for a day of fun, it doesn’t mean productivity has to stop, but it does mean staff get motivated, meet other teams and feel more empowered to work for the company. Static bike rides, rows and step-a-thons can be a great communal challenge for everyone to get involved in whilst at the same time not affecting workload. Pick a distance to cover – maybe a northern office to a London office and throughout the day have staff come down and do their bit to reach the distance. You could make this a healthy heart day and have other activities going on throughout the day such as healthy bake offs, a special heart healthy option in the canteen (with a percentage of sales donated to Heart Research UK) and if you have a car park, some staff could wash cars for donations. The world is your oyster and we always love to hear from you with your fun and quirky ideas to raise money, so please do get in touch. Alternatively, take a look at our events pages HERE and see if anything takes your fancy. To discuss fundraising for us in your place of work, please contact or call 0113 234 7474

Charity of the year

If you have a Charity of the Year programme please consider nominating Heart Research UK or let us know when an application process opens, so we can apply. Our team will work closely with you to plan an inclusive calendar of fundraising, events and communications to bring our partnership to life. We will also be on hand to support all your activities and give inspirational ideas to help you reach your fundraising targets and CSR objectives. Many organisations choose Heart Research UK as their Charity of the Year, from large UK and regional companies to local clubs and societies. From running marathons and climbing mountains to holding cake sales and fundraising balls, customers, employees or members are raising money while having a great deal of fun and working better together as a team.

Working with us offers a range of benefits, including:
Generating positive local and national PR
Demonstrating your company values and commitment to your customers, employees and local community on an issue that is a genuine national cause
Encouraging team building
Providing great staff engagement opportunities to aid personal development and boost staff morale
Health and wellbeing support package for your staff*

Heart Research UK can support your partnership by:
Publicising a wide range of national and international events to engage your audiences
Creating marketing materials to encourage fundraising
Giving informative and motivational presentations to your staff or members
Supplying innovative but simple fundraising tips and ideas
To discuss becoming our charity of the year, please contact or call 0113 234 7474

*we will work with you to put together the most appropriate package for your company size and partnership package

Sponsorship packages

We have a range of exciting events, initiatives, projects and collateral that you can sponsor, enhancing your brand profile while helping us fund our forward-thinking and innovative medical research and community projects.

Sponsorships are a great way to support us while developing deeper connections with your target audiences, motivating your employees, achieving your corporate social responsibility and marketing objectives.

Our sponsorship opportunities range from our events, campaigns, leaflets, magazine and calendar. You could sponsor our masterclasses where your company name can be put against our specialist training for surgeons and clinicians in the UK. We also supply schools across the country with virtual reality learning equipment to create a more modern and engaging learning platform for young people to understand about the heart and how to keep it healthy.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact or call 0113 234 7474

Payroll Giving

Be a 9-5 Heart Hero Donating through your payroll is simple and easy and make a big impact on what we can spend every year of the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.

So how does it work?

Payroll giving is a tax efficient scheme that allows you to make regular donations to Heart Research UK, straight from your salary.

As your donation is taken out before tax, a £10 per month donation will only cost you £8.

The table below shows how little it will cost you each month to make a real impact to the work we do:

Why support Heart Research UK through Payroll Giving:

- Coronary heart disease is still the UK’s single biggest killer, so our work is trying to prevent people from getting the illness in the first place through our Healthy Heart Grants

- We fund local healthy lifestyle projects to ensure that people in communities around the UK live healthier, happier, longer lives

- Unlike many other charities, we don’t receive government funding; our money comes from people like you

- We fund pioneering and innovative medical research that works

What can you do now?

All you need to do is fill out the form below and take it with you to your payroll department.
Don’t worry if your donation doesn’t come out straight away, it can sometimes take a few weeks to get to us, but you will see your donation in your pay in a month or so.

Your pledge Actual Cost to you (Standard rate taxpayer: -20%)
£5 per month £4
£8 per month £6.40
£10 per month £8
£20 per month £16

Payroll Giving FAQs

Payroll Giving Form

Gifts in Kind

Providing a gift or service to Heart Research UK can help us to reduce our running costs and allow us to concentrate our funding on the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease.

You can support us in two ways:

Offering pro bono professional support - It could be anything from offering free legal advice and marketing expertise to having a specialist staff member seconded to our charity for the day/week to help us deliver a specific project.

We are always extremely grateful to any business who can offer us a gift which we can raise money from. These include:

- ‘Money can’t buy' auction prizes
- IT equipment
- Office supplies and consumables
- Raffle prizes such as champagne, hotel stays and restaurant vouchers

We are focussed on keeping our expenditure low and spend on medical research high. We stay out of London, with a head office in Leeds, to avoid the high rental rates and only employ the essential staff to ensure we can deliver our objectives. Gifts in kind and pro bono professional support help keep our running costs low to ensure more funds go directly towards our important work.

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