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Healthy Heart Tip: Stub it out for good. Today.

11 March, 2019


Many smokers know that smoking is not good for their health but think that a little social puff every now and then does very little harm.


Nicotine drives up blood pressure and heart rate, putting immediate and long term strain on your heart and arteries. The carbon monoxide in cigarettes means less life giving oxygen for all your tissues, including your heart. This is harmful to your health and can cut your life expectancy whether you smoke a lot or a little.
Wednesday 13 March marks National No Smoking Day. If you would like to add more healthy years to your life look through our tips on how to quit today:


  • Find YOUR Incentive
    Hard-hitting graphic warnings are proven to help smokers ditch the habit. So whether it’s a shocking advert on TV that leaves a sickly taste, the hole in your wallet that puts your dream holiday on the backburner or a bad score playing your favourite sport that holds you back, keep a mental image and fix your thoughts on that one overriding incentive that will give you the final push to stub it out for good.


  • Seek Support
    Give in to pester power and make a pledge. Give family permission to crack the whip occasionally in times of weakness and make your friends aware of your triggers so they can support you. Get a few smoking buddies and colleagues on board to add a competitive edge. It’ll be much easier to quit if you have people routing for you.


  • Break the routine
    Finding yourself with extra time when you would normally be smoking can lead to overwhelming cravings. In the early stages it’s important to remove all smoking devices such as lighters and find a healthy replacement that will leave you feeling in control. Change tasks with a 10 minute brisk walk, engage your hands and your brain on a quick quiz, replace a trip to the pub with a game of badminton, go off and do something completely different until the cravings pass.


  • What about e-cigarettes?
    It’s too early to know the long term effects of e-cigarettes, but they could be up to 95% safer than tobacco and double your chance of quitting successfully.
    Don’t replace one fix for another. Talk to your GP, choose wisely and look into what will best help you gradually wean off your nicotine habit.


Live a healthier, happier, longer life and make your loved ones proud. Make a plan to stub it out for good today.