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Healthy Heart Tip: We’re all going on a hearty holiday

23 May, 2019


With Spring Bank Holiday and the summer season on the horizon, thoughts quickly turn to holiday time. If you’re planning on jumping off the rollercoaster of life and taking a break, don’t let the sun go down on your efforts to keep healthy. Coast through our tips on how to give your heart a top up as you head for the lounger.


  • Walking on sunshine
    Did you know that just two weeks of inactivity could increase your risk of heart disease? Being active is a great way to unwind whilst also looking after your heart. If you’re going where the sun shines brightly and the sea is blue, make the most of the local water sports and try something new. An aerobic activity like swimming is a wonderful way to relieve stress, whether you’re home or away, so take the plunge with being a bit healthier.


  • Eat fresh and local
    No need to go further than the Mediterranean for the finest of heart healthy meals, packed with antioxidants and omega-3. Wherever you find yourself, check out the local cuisine and go for freshly caught fish, tropical fruits, green leafy salads and the odd splash of locally pressed vegetable oils.


  • Keep your cool
    Extreme temperatures, along with high altitudes make your heart work harder. Whilst it’s a fantastic heart workout to get out there and explore new landscapes, it’s important to take regular rests and drink plenty of water.


  • Get your back covered
    If you have an existing heart condition take the worry out of travelling by making sure you have the right travel insurance that covers this. Check whether you need a ‘fit to travel’ certificate from your GP and make a list of all medications before heading abroad.


Whether you soar to distant shores, take the campervan for a jaunt or have a staycation, don’t let your heart take the strain while you’re enjoying yourself. Make a plan that will help you recharge your batteries, give something new a go and return home healthy, happy and fully refreshed.