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Healthy Heart Tip: Bank some heart health this May Day holiday

01 May, 2019


With yet another bank holiday or two around the corner, what will you do with your extra days?


Follow our tips to bank the most into your heart health and still have a good time:


  • Master the hearty BBQ
    Surely one of the bank holidays coming up are bound to bring sunshine- we hope! Dig out the BBQ and try some healthy alternatives to traditional burgers and sausages. Omega-3 packed tuna steak can simply be turned into a healthy zesty burger that even the kids will love. Try our recipe out.


  • Raise your game
    Whilst it’s important to relax, try to limit time spent sitting – do more playing. Garden games like football, three legged races and swing ball can be a fun way of keeping everyone entertained. Don’t let the threat of showers stop all the fun, you could check out the local trampoline park or sports centre.


  • Take to the streets
    With plenty of carnivals, markets and food events happening, make sure you know how to spot some heart healthy street food. Simple swaps can go a long way towards a healthier heart and still tingle the taste buds; try out some delicious veggie options that are packed with goodness; go for a side of corn on the cob or baked sweet potato wedges instead of fries.


  • Laugh and dance
    For a healthy heart it’s important to keep the oxygen and blood flowing. What better way to do this than to have a good laugh or a boogie. There are plenty of comedy clubs and music events over the bank holiday, but if you don’t have the budget or the babysitters why not invite some friends round for a games night.


However you choose to spend your extra day, remember life is precious and each day is a gift. Make your bank holiday count towards a healthier, happier and longer life with those you love, now and in the future.