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Healthy Heart Tip: Discover our great national parks

12 April, 2019


With warmer, lighter days on the horizon, why not burn off some excess energy  in our beautiful British countryside, the ultimate green gym.


‘Discover National Parks Fortnight’ is an annual spring celebration of Britain’s 15 national parks. Follow our tips on how to make the best of the abundance of opportunities for some heart healthy fun and games:


  • Push Yourself
    Aim high and reach for a summit, milestone or monument. You’ll feel exhilarated and enormously proud of your green gym workout. Fresh air is also great for your heart, helping to relieve stress and encourage a good night’s sleep


  • Get on track
    Plan your route for an active adventure- will you use two feet, two wheels, or four hooves? An undulating bike ride will really get that heart pumping and riding on horseback can help keep your waistline in check and doesn’t cost the earth


  • Create your own pit stop
    With all that outdoor fun you’re bound to get a little parched and get the munchies. Pack plenty of water or diluted natural fruit juice to avoid stopping off at the café for sugary, fizzy or caffeinated drinks. Load a heart healthy picnic on your back to save pennies and burn off extra pounds


  • Be playful
    The best type of physical activity is the type that gets your heart racing and cheeks flushed without noticing because you’re having so much fun. Race to the next tree, see how far you can throw a Frisbee or collect some rocks and get skimming


Whether you’re river wading in the spring sun, striking the winds with a spot of archery or keeping your cool on the tree top nets, look no further than the glorious nature around you for an opportunity to get outdoors, be active, and look after your heart.