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Healthy Heart Tip: Put your heart into Valentine’s day

12 February, 2019


We’re all set for Valentine’s Day – are you? If you’re thinking of going for the easy option with a trip to the pub this February 14, the love of your life may be a little downhearted.


Use a little imagination and do something different. With our help this could be your chance to meet your heart’s desire, keep the blood flowing and really dazzle that special person:


  • Get hands on
    For a healthy heart it’s important to keep a healthy mind too. What better way to help someone special feel thoroughly pampered, loved and relaxed than to offer a massage? Watch the worries of the day melt away as you both ease into the evening.


  • Bring out the mussels
    Not only a good source of omega-3, mussels are the perfect starter or main for a romantic meal for two. Simple to cook and luxurious to eat, add a dining out experience to the comfort of your own home with our Healthy Heart recipes (below).


  • Spritz it up
    On any romantic occasion, it’s all too tempting to pour a glass of wine and just keep pouring. Before you know it all good intentions are out of the window and you’re nursing a sore head. Take it easy. Spices, herbs and slices of fruit add an infusion of flavour to a refreshing jug of water and a touch of class to the evening.


  • After dinner dance
    Dancing with someone special on your arm is sure to get your heart pumping, whether it’s a disco down the local club or a spontaneous tango in the living room. A good boogie lifts your mood, makes you smile and gets the cheeks flushed. So dim down the lights, set the tone and get your groove on.


  • Movie night
    If cosying up for a flick is on the cards this date night go for a heart healthy nibble. Air popped popcorn offers a surprising boost of nutrients to your heart without the added calories. For a little added luxury lightly dip in dark chocolate.


  • Romantic weekend
    February is officially the last of the winter months so get out there and make the most of the fresh crisp air. Many parts of the UK have a frosty dusting on the rolling hills of the beautiful British countryside. Strap up your hiking boots, grab your partner’s hand and take your hearts to new heights.


The love of your life might be priceless to you but remember your heart is priceless too. Make a promise to think about your heart this Valentine’s Day with just a few healthier choices.


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