50/50 Anniversary campaign

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In 2017, we are marking a golden anniversary as Heart Research UK celebrates 50 years of helping hearts across the UK.

As part of a year-long campaign of events, community outreach and special grants, we’re looking for 50 businesses to join us in celebrating five decades of heart-healthy accomplishments.

We are asking for £1,000 pledges from businesses all over the UK and by pledging this amount in 2017 you will join a network of businesses committed to supporting ground-breaking work in medical treatments. The money you raise will support babies with congenital heart disease. Having an operation is never an easy process for the patient - both mentally and physically - even more so with babies. We are currently building new vessels to treat babies with structural defects of the heart, which will remove the need for multiple traumatic operations as the baby gets older. Click HERE to find out more about this project.

We would love your support of £1,000 in any manner that suits your business. 

Please fill in the form below to pledge your support -- donations are not required up front and we can work together to find a timetable that works for you. 

NB. If donating £1,000 from your company's account doesn't suit your budget, we will happily work with you to help plan a fundraiser that engages employees, boosts team morale and raises the money.

If you would like to speak to our team about this, please call Jodie on 0113 234 7474 or email corporate@heartresearch.org.uk