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Easter weekend marks the end of Lent and this is a time when chocolate eggs are traditionally exchanged with family and friends. Chocolate is high in fat, saturated fat and sugar and consuming too much can increase your risk of weight-gain and heart disease.

In this healthy tip, we provide ideas for cutting back on chocolate this Easter.

  • Avoid temptation when shopping for groceries

Long rows of chocolate eggs appear in supermarkets several weeks before Easter and it can be difficult to avoid temptation. Easter-themed treats are often heavily discounted in the weeks following Easter, which adds to the temptation. Avoid visiting the Easter-themed aisles in supermarkets and try to stay focused on your grocery shopping and finding healthier snacks.

  • Buy non-edible Easter gifts

A large Easter egg can contain your entire daily energy requirement. Replacing Easter eggs with non-edible gifts, such as toys, games, books, egg cups or flowers, can be a way to help your loved ones avoid over-indulging this Easter.

  • Get outdoors and step away from the chocolate

Make the most of the Spring weather and get outdoors. Remember to leave the chocolate and other high-calorie Easter treats at home. Going for a walk, run or bike ride can be a good way to shift your focus away from food and stay healthy.

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We hope you have a happy and heathy Easter holiday!

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