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Many more of us who have been working from home will be set to return to offices either part-time or full-time over the coming weeks and months.

There has never been a better time to start integrating exercise into your commute, as we begin to establish new routines both at work and home.

With this in mind, here are some tips for doing just that:

Park further from work

Not everyone lives within cycling distance of their workplace, and you may rely on a car to get from A to B. If this is the case, try parking further from work and cycling the last part of your commute.

Track your distance

It can be really motivating to see how far you have cycled over a week or month and you may be surprised about just how far you can go with an extra few miles each day! Apps like Strava are great for tracking how far you have cycled over a long period of time.

Adapt your routine

If getting on your bike is simply a matter of starting out a little earlier, consider what might have to change within your routine to accommodate for this. This may be getting to bed earlier, preparing your meals the night before, or having a lighter breakfast before you set off.

Invest in a new bike

Buying some new equipment can be a great first step towards committing to a new habit. If you find your rusty old bike is putting you off commuting, you may look to see if your employer is signed up to the Cycle-to-Work scheme where you can get a brand new bike at a lower, monthly cost than you may otherwise pay. You may also be able to donate your old bike to a local bike renovation scheme.

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