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Thursday 29th of April 2021 is Britain ‘On Your Feet’ day. This is a national activity awareness day to promote sitting less and moving more at work, but it is also a good excuse to promote these good habits to the whole family!

We all know that moving more will reduce the risk of becoming overweight/obese, developing diabetes, developing heart disease and more. In honour of ‘on your feet day’ here are a few ways to reduce your sitting time and to start moving more:

Children and Teenagers (Aged 5 to 18)

  • Consider ways for children and teenagers to “earn” screen time
  • Get outside in the sunshine to play games or sports
  • Agree as a family a screen time limit per day and stick to it
  • Get on your bikes to meet up in parks for a socially distanced active ‘hang-out’
  • Make bedrooms a TV, computer/laptop and phone-free zone
  • House chores such as hoovering, washing the car, mowing the lawn, taking the bins out all count as exercise
  • When buying gifts, choose presents which promote being active such as a scooter, a skateboard, a ball or a kite rather than video games.
  • Try creating some new dance routines – be TikTok ready!

Adults (Aged 18+)

  • Run a lunchtime fitness session for the office, over Zoom or outdoors as a socially distanced meet up.
  • Sound an alert at random times in your department or work hub, which is a signal for everyone to stand up and sit down. Impose a fine or forfeit for anyone caught napping.
  • Take regular breaks from your computer, stand up, stretch and walk around your office or home workplace.
  • Create a workplace and/or family competition for who can do the most steps each week – the winner should get a small prize.
  • Make and take phone calls standing up.
  • Walk up the escalators and use the stairs more.
  • Hold standing/walking meetings.
  • Setup your desk area so you can stand or sit.
  • Agree that any speaker must stand during meetings.
  • During TV time use the adverts as standing/squatting/hoping/stretching time.


Join the rest of Britain on Thursday the 29th of April 2021 and get yourself moving!

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