Healthy Tip: Flip for your heart - Healthy Pancake Recipes

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Healthy pancake recipes

Every year, Shrove Tuesday sees pancakes enjoy a special slot in our dinner diaries, a favourite for young and old.  

While Pancake Day could mean a chance to demolish towers of pancakes dripping in high calorie toppings, this can easily be flipped over to our heart’s advantage by preparing and filling them in a heart-healthy way. Change the way you celebrate Pancake Day this year by taking inspiration from some of our healthy pancake recipes.

Perfectly heart-healthy pancakes

  • Choose wholemeal flour, or a mixture of half brown-half white, or oatmeal, to boost the fibre content, both great for the heart and to fill you up.  Use semi-skimmed or skimmed milk to lighten up the fat content. 
  • Grease your frying pan with a spray oil or a drizzle of rapeseed oil, which is a good source of heart-healthy fats.  If you’re good at multi-tasking why not try two pans on the go to keep hungry mouths satisfied.
  • Replace any salt in your pancake recipe with black pepper which will go unnoticed once you’ve added your tantalising toppings.

Think savoury and make a meal of your pancake feast 

  • Try cooked spinach and omega-3 rich smoked or tinned salmon on a spread of low-fat cream cheese; lean sliced ham goes well with cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese and chives.
  • Add a medley of roasted peppers, onions and tomatoes with a little feta cheese or pesto sauce for a Mediterranean twist.
  • Add a spicy infusion with curried vegetables or Mexican inspired refried beans, guacamole and crème fraîche.

Sweet finale

  • Boost your 5-a-day intake with stewed apple and rhubarb, yoghurt with strawberries, blueberries, baked pear or banana with a drizzle of honey or a sprinkling of dark chocolate shavings. 
  • Stick with old traditional favourites like freshly squeezed lemon/orange/grapefruit juice with a dollop of plain yoghurt or crème fraîche. 
  • Go tropical with blood orange juice or tinned pineapple and mango in natural juices.

Pancakes can make a healthy, nutritious, cheap and easy meal that needn’t be confined to one day a year.  Put pancakes on your menu this Shrove Tuesday and make it regular a feature at your dinner table for a flipping good time for your health and heart.