Healthy Tip: Have yourself a right royal wedding

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Royal wedding

Royal wedding fever has gripped the nation’s heart as this weekend millions are expected to be glued to their TV to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchange rings.  This public declaration of love will tug at plenty of heartstrings across the globe.  

Wedding season sees lots of partying and this weekend’s celebrations will be supported by extended licensing for pubs and bars.  So how can you stay heart-healthy and still have a good time?
That’s why Heart Research UK have come up with some healthy tips on how to make weddings a right royal occasion without losing heart

Have an active morning
Pack your trainers or a swimsuit. Weddings are often in very picturesque locations - take advantage of the rolling hills, have a wander round town or use the facilities where you are staying. Burning a few calories can help you feel energised, clear your mind and help you feel in control of the choices you make later on   

Pre wedding breakfast dilemma 
Eating a healthy choice before the wedding will ensure you don’t gorge on everything later. Focus on putting the healthier options on your plate, help yourself to baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and add a little wholegrain toast.  The fibre will keep you fuller for longer and give you a heart healthy boost of energy for the day.  Or go for kippers or salmon- the kings of omega-3

Cap the fizz
Pace yourself, remember weddings are a long day. Alternate an alcoholic drink with a glass of water and if you are being calorie conscious, a spirt and diet mixer is much better than a pint of beer or a glass of wine.

Dance with somebody
There’s nothing like throwing some shapes at a wedding disco to really get your heart pumping and adrenalin flowing.  Although styles of dancing and body size has an impact, you’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn. A good boogie has been known to do more for improving mood and burning fat than the equivalent time spent swimming, cycling or jogging.  So get on that dancefloor and get a little footloose.  

We all have at least one special someone whose heart is priceless to us.  When celebrating good times together, make a vow to have and to hold, from this day forward with just a few healthier choices.