Healthy Tip: Let the beat drop

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Let the beat drop: your guide to a heart-healthy festival

We’re in the heart of the festival season now with a calendar full of blood-pumping events over June, July and August.  Fans of music festivals will report a euphoric feeling of well- being simply from being in the open fresh air and hearing a rhythmic beat that brings crowds of old and new friends together.  

Where there is a large gathering of like-minded festival lovers it’s all too easy to dance around the subject of heart disease and stage dive into the abundance of unhealthy pickings on hand.  But with the right lifestyle choices, a music festival could be a wonderful platform for improving the shape of your heart.  

If you love music and don’t want to skip a heartbeat, follow our tips on how to ‘let the beat drop’:

- Dance to your heart’s content
Dance styles vary with age and style and so does the amount of energy you’ll burn moshing, bopping or jerking. One thing we do know is that while you keep moving those dancing shoes (or wellies) you’ll do wonders for your heart and your waistline, helping to control blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure. So what are you waiting for? Get that heart pumping

- You are what you drink
Festivals are very active places with all that singing, trudging through mud and dancing in the summer sun.  You’d have to be raving mad not to take bottles of water with you. A slight drop in water levels will thicken the blood and make your heart work harder. So drink up and wise up when it comes to knowing your limits

- Fill your boots
Festival food should be tasty, filling and easy to eat in one hand while you cut some grooves.  With an abundance of deep fried and over-priced snacks rocking up just for this purpose, fill your boots with a selection of heart-healthy snacks so you’re one step ahead. Canned tuna can easily be scooped into a hand-sized wholemeal pitta and served with some colourful chopped veg for a heart-healthy sarnie. Or you could get the takeaway BBQ going with some charred corn-on the cob, or pop some corn in a pan  

- Sing for your heart
Whether you can belt out a tune like a rock star or sound like a foghorn, if you’re listening to some cracking tunes surrounded by friends in the great outdoors you will undoubtedly sing and your heart will be happy you did. Why?  Singing lifts your mood. When your heart is happy and free from anxiety, blood pressure drops and your heart becomes much better at doing the job it’s meant to be doing- keeping you alive  

If you’re planning a trip to a music festival this summer, stay safe with every heartbeat. Go prepared and put your heart and soul into the abundance of opportunities for living a healthier, happier, longer life.