Healthy Tip: Lunching with the neighbours

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The Big Lunch takes place this Sunday 3 June. It’s one of the UK’s biggest annual celebration events, which aims to get people across the country sharing lunch with their neighbours, a simple act of community, friendship and fun, right on your doorstep. 

You may decide to head to the local park with lunch in tow, hold a Lunar Lunch for Ramadan, or have an alfresco fine dining affair on your driveway. 
Here are our inspirations, to help you plan your heart healthy lunch and get in the community spirit:

- Get down to your roots
Root vegetables like sweet potatoes are packed with fibre when left in their skins, helping to mop up cholesterol, plus the potassium can take a bite out of those blood pressure levels. Popular for all ages and easy to bake whilst you mingle, sweet potatoes are wonderfully versatile. Add some active fun with a dance off (or perhaps a game of hot potato!) to really keep your hearts healthy and happy.

- Add some beet to your heart
Packed with antioxidants, the vibrant colour of beetroot gives you a clue that it’s great for your heart.  Add them to a salad, along with some colourful peppers, tomatoes and a dash of olive oil. Beetroot are currently in season, making them even sweeter and more delicious. An allotment favourite, maybe you’re lucky enough to have a neighbour growing them.

- What’s for afters?
Keep up with the neighbours without adding inches to your waistline by dishing up a naturally delicious dessert. Create your own healthy crumble by digging up some rhubarb or warm up some figs and apples with a topping of hearty oats. 

- Lap up the summer goodness
The summer is almost here and fruit is at its best during the summer months. Bananas and apples are always a winner but it’s time to take advantage of the other fruits available; juicy nectarines, vibrant strawberries and delicious watermelon all make a great fruit medley for a healthy and refreshing snack. 

Now it’s over to you, get planning and enjoy your Big Lunch. Give your neighbours a knock and enjoy a healthy, happy lunch together, fingers crossed the sun will shine.