Healthy Tip: Men, get ahead of the game

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Men playing football

Men’s Health Week (11 – 17 June) is coming up and the Men’s World Cup will be kicking off soon after.

So it’s a perfect time to put your heart into football and become healthier. Be inspired by those who train hard to get to the top and be the best you can be with our healthy tips:

- Get those feet moving
Bring out the Lionel Messi in you and get playing. Get yourself a football and do some kick-ups and penalty shootouts in the garden or park. Make your own goalposts from sticks, piles of clothes, dustbins or whatever you have and just get out there and move. Or if you fancy more of a challenge, check out your local football club for coaching and sessions to suit all abilities, hone your ball skills and get fitter this summer.

- Give unhealthy habits the red card
During tense extra time and penalties, grab a low-fat, low-sugar yoghurt or other healthy options rather than crisps and chocolates. 
Pace yourself with lower strength beers and wines or change to smaller bottles and alternate with soft drinks.  Getting too tense? Do some flutter kicks or squat jumps.

- Know your stats 
Keep your heart disease risk at bay by watching those risk factors and knowing your numbers:
Blood pressure - High blood pressure doesn’t normally have symptoms. Yet it is very common and is the second biggest risk factor (after smoking) for premature death in the UK. The good news is you can change the goalposts on this by leading a healthy lifestyle. An ideal blood pressure target is between 90/60 and 120/80. If you don’t know your numbers, pick up a BP kit at your local pharmacy or ask next time you are at the doctors

Waistline – Carrying too much weight around your middle puts you at greater risk of heart disease, even if you’re an overall healthy weight. All you need to check this number out is a tape measure. Many people think their waist is their jeans size, but actually it isn’t. To get it right, have a feel and find your hip bone and your bottom rib, breath out and measure half way between the two. The ideal measurement is below 37 inches (94 cm) for men

So don’t let Men’s Health Week and the Men’s World Cup pass you by without making heart health your personal goal. Go for glory and become a healthier, happier and fitter you.