Healthy Tip: World heart day

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World Heart Day 2017

This Friday 29 September join the world wide campaign for heart health.  This year the focus of World Heart Day is to create heart-healthy environments for everyone no matter who you are, where you are or what time of day it is. 

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including coronary heart disease and stroke, are the number one cause of death in the world.  Making smart lifestyle changes and creating healthier environments is an effective way in preventing heart disease.  Be mindful of a healthy heart in every environment no matter your age or where you live and get set for a healthier, happier, longer life. 
Travel smart 
Active travel such as cycling or a brisk walk from the train station all counts towards a longer beating heart.  Whether you’re travelling to work, to the shops or taking the kids to school your environment is an easy and adaptable space in your day to fit in some heart healthy activity. New evidence suggests that all forms of physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease and death.  Make this a family focus by finding imaginative ways to get moving on the way to school; such as dancing on the walk, spotting nature on the go or competing with your step uptake on your move more app

Swap it 
Creating a healthy environment at home can be challenging as it is a hub of comfort for most. Reducing temptation for high sugar high fat foods is half the battle; make your home an unhealthy food free zone and have indulgent treats in moderation when out and about or on special occasions. Avoid the aisles at the supermarket named ‘confectionary’ and spend longer routing through the fresh seasonal fruit and veg. Instead get creative with healthy alternatives, try new recipes, create funny faces with fruit or put your brood’s favourite cartoon characters on stickers they can use every time they reach for a healthy-heart snack. 

Smoke free 
A smoke free environment will benefit yourself and the hearts of those around you. Stopping smoking can be made easier by new online advice and communities. If you are struggling to cut back the smoke completely then make some environments heart healthy by creating smoke free zones or times- this could be in your garden, on your way to work or even in the kitchen. Managing your environment this way will help you get on track to cutting your heart attack risks and help loved ones to feel the benefits of fresh air this World Heart Day

Be fit for work
Many of us spend nearly a third of our day at work which means it has a strong impact on our lifestyle concerning eating healthy and being physically active. Staying heart healthy in a work environment could be simple without slacking on the job. Prepare for your day and pack a lunch full of heart healthy whole grains and vegetables to keep you fuller for longer and curb the sneaky sweet treats. Pack your gym gear in a bag so you feel motivated to go at the end of a long day, or attend a local gym class in your lunch break to feel smug all afternoon. Why email colleagues when you’re in the same room? Keep those legs moving and walk and talk.  It will make things much more productive whilst keeping that heart beating. 

This World Heart Day take a look around at your environment and the impact this has on your heart. Tap into the abundance of opportunities surrounding you to keep active, make healthy food choices and breathe in the fresh air.  Your environment, your heart; make them work together for a longer happier life.