Spring forward on a healthy heart

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Spring Heart

As the clock’s spring forward on Sunday 26 March, now is the time to put that spring in your step and use that extra hour of daylight to burst into the new season and beyond.  Dust off those lingering cobwebs of winter and enjoy being active in the fresh spring sunshine to look after your heart, mind and body.

Use the extra light and extend your daytime by fitting in more physical fun and fitness
Take a breath of fresh air and release those daily stresses with an evening jog, a brisk walk with the dog or a power walk alongside your cycling or scooting kids.
Fitting in just 150 minutes of moderate activity each week is all it takes to help you keep your heart strong and healthy.
Enjoy some active family fun with a trip to the park or a kick-about on the beach.  Activity makes you feel good and sleep better, and who better to share that feel good factor than with the family. 
If you’re more of a morning person, think about swapping the car or bus for your bike or go on foot for a fitter commute this spring.

Time for a spring clean
For some, the onset of spring also means giving your home an airing. Put on some favourite tunes and crank up the volume and re-discover your disco moves as you dust, brush and hoover with gusto to get your heart pumping and turn those tedious tasks around.

Spruce up the garden
Plant up a colourful vision of summer.  Mowing the lawn, trimming hedges or weeding the flower beds, even small bouts all count towards your daily activity levels and keeping your heart healthy.  
Dig out a vegetable patch or some back yard planters to grow your own herbs and vegetables and reap the rewards of your hard work by enjoying your home grown harvest as part of your 5-a-day. Just a few small bags of seeds could keep you supplied with nutritious veg across the seasons, so ensure nothing goes to waste by making soups, stews and stir-fries or stocking up the freezer.
Bring out the pressure washer to remove winter grime from patios, terraces and window frames.  Give the garden furniture a good scrub down too in readiness for that all important down time. 
Create a serene outdoor space to relax and enjoy the twilight hours after hard day’s work.

Sleep tight
Be kind to your amazing heart and let it slow down and recuperate as you sleep.  
Create a peaceful environment and develop a gentle routine to help you wind down and avoid caffeine, alcohol, high fat foods and late night TV before bedtime which can all affect your sleep. Make sure you get enough quality sleep each night to get your heart ready for another busy day.  

When you’re feeling good, the world around you looks a whole lot happier. So spring forward to a healthier heart this weekend and make the most of longer days by enjoying the sunshine, getting active and ensuring a good night’s sleep