Birmingham businesses join forces to raise £40,000

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Richard Usmar (L) with John Lloyd, Heart Research UK (R)

A Birmingham business has raised £40,000 to help Heart Research UK bring a piece of ground-breaking technology to the city, which could help save the lives of heart patients across the West Midlands.

Old Mutual Wealth, a private client adviser based in the city centre, held a special anniversary event at the Birmingham offices of Deloitte to help raise money for us to pay for an Organ Donor System at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

Also known as ‘Heart in a box’, the revolutionary system allows a donor heart to stay warm and beating outside of the human body during transport, improving the standard it arrives and increasing the number of donor organs available to use. 

Richard Usmar, Regional Chairman of Old Mutual Wealth and one of our ambassadors, graciously donated champagne and fine wines from his own wine cellar, whilst Nigel Spears, Managing Director of Old Mutual Wealth, donated £4,000.

A well-known local entrepreneur and history-fan from Edgbaston, Richard needed a quadruple heart bypass and valve replacement in 2015. Now fully recovered, he knows how lucky he was and what the new Organ Donor System could mean to other patients suffering heart problems.

Richard said: “When life is good to you, you have to put a bit back for those who aren’t so lucky. I was so pleased that colleagues at Old Mutual Wealth got behind this fantastic cause that could help heart patients in Birmingham and beyond”.

Justine Davy, Head of Fundraising at QEHB Charity, said: “The Organ Care System has the potential to allow surgeons to carry out up to 50% more heart transplants every year.

“There are not enough suitable organs available currently. This new technology will not only increase this but also the chance of survival for so many patients in the West Midlands”.

John Lloyd, Midlands Regional Executive at Heart Research UK in the Midlands, said: “Richard has been a long-time supporter of Heart Research UK and his generosity and passion to help others has always been inspirational. 

“We’re grateful to both Old Mutual Wealth and Deloitte for raising so much money. With their help, we’re one step closer to bring the revolutionary ‘heart in a box’ system to Birmingham and the West Midlands”.

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