Emerald Group Publishing Charity of the Year 2017

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Emerald Team
Emerald Group Publishing 50th Anniversary
Richard Bevan, Emerald Group Publishing Chief Executive

Emerald Group Publishing and Heart Research are celebrating their 50th Anniversaries in 2017, and we are delighted to announce that Emerald has chosen Heart Research UK as their Charity of the Year. 

"We are delighted to have chosen Heart Research UK as the nominated charity for our 50th anniversary year, in 2017.  The excellent research funded by this charity, which celebrates its own 50th anniversary in the same year, has particular relevance for Emerald and the family business it is. In February 2014, Martin Fojt (Chairman of Emerald Publishing) suffered a sudden and fatal heart attack, which was a huge surprise and loss to us all. Sudden cardiac death (SCD) of this type is responsible for over 3 million deaths per year, worldwide and is the focus of a specific piece of research we are looking to support.  I am sure that Emerald and its community will really get behind this charity in what is a very special year and in so doing remember Martin and ensure that he is part of the celebration."  Richard Bevan, Cheif Executive

Their ambitious fundraising goal of £50,000 will go towards funding one of our Novel and Emerging Technologies Grants, which aims to develop a novel ECG-based test to measure the risk of sudden cardiac death. This project, led by Professor G André Ng at the University of Leicester, aims to develop a simple, accurate and cost-effective test to predict which patients are at risk of sudden cardiac death and whose lives could be saved with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD).

The Emerald team will be taking on a variety of challenges throughout the year.  You can keep an eye on their progress on their anniversary website and pledge your support on their JustGiving page