Heart Research UK helps to highlight high sugar content in blueberry muffins

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Some blueberry muffins from food outlets contain more sugar than the daily recommended amount for adults

A new study has found that some blueberry muffins available at coffee shops and supermarkets contains more sugar than the daily recommended amount for adults.

Action on Sugar and the Obesity Health Alliance (OHA) investigated blueberry muffins from a wide range of coffee shops, fast food outlets and supermarkets, with help from our Lifestyle Officer.

Sarah, who regularly commutes via train, purchased blueberry muffins from a popular coffee shop at one of 23 outlets to send off for analysis for the study and to see first-hand, what nutritional information was available. 

“This study shows how much sugar can be found in one snack. It’s alarming to think there’s so little nutritional information available for customers. Both of these things need to change”.

Writing in this week’s Healthy Tip, available for free to everyone, Sarah knows how easy it can be to not eat well on the move.

“We can all be tempted to graze on crisps and sweets when on the go. We think it’s convenient and won’t have a long lasting impact on our health.

“By filling up on a handful of fruit, crunchy veg and unsalted nuts instead, you will feel the benefit of making a heart healthy choice and not be so tempted to overload on sugary snacks”.