Surgeons from across UK and Ireland attend Liverpool Masterclass

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Delegates at the Liverpool Masterclass

Surgeons from across the UK and Ireland got the chance to learn and experience surgical treatments for a rare cardiovascular condition today, thanks to a Heart Research UK Masterclass.

Held at the Human Anatomy Resource Centre at the University of Liverpool and led by some of the country’s leading surgeons from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, the Masterclass helped 17 surgeons learn about complex surgical techniques that could save the lives of patients who need surgery on the aorta – the largest artery in the body.

We've been organising and running Masterclasses for five years across the UK, helping more than 200 medical professionals learn about the best techniques and the latest treatments so they can be used at their own centres around the UK.

Barbara Harpham, Chief Executive at Heart Research UK, said: “Our Masterclasses are a great opportunity for expert surgeons of tomorrow to expand their knowledge and get hands-on experience. Aortic arch surgery is rarely encountered by cardiac surgeons and these Masterclasses allow them to get a more practical understanding of this complex, specialist surgery. Above all, we’re pleased that patients across the country will benefit as more surgeons will have expertise to carry out this life saving operation.”

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