A gift in your Will

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Adrian Purtell and Riley Platts have both benefited from research into Heart Disease

Heart Research UK funds pioneering medical research projects which focus on the development of new and innovative technologies and our aim is to benefit patients sooner. 
In the last year over 70% of our income has been from gifts made in Wills, which has been spent on our pioneering medical research. See below for some examples of the projects we are currently funding.

We are investigating a new magnetic resonance technique for imaging the hearts of children with congenital heart disease that can be carried out rapidly – in 5 minutes.  This would dramatically reduce the cost and patient discomfort, and help doctors to decide on the best treatments, so that more children can benefit. We have also been working on developing a new blood test to identify people who are at risk of heart muscle stiffening which is the biggest cause of sudden death in young adults. See all our current research projects, here.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about leaving a gift in your Will.  Call 0113 234 7474 email giftsinwills@heartresearch.org.uk or fill in this form and we will send you more information. 


How we will treat you

At Heart Research UK we treat people how we would want to be treated, if you get in touch for more information or to tell us you have left a gift in your Will we promise to:

  • Never contact you unless you say we can
  • Never ask for specifics about your gift
  • Never phone you to follow up unless you have said we can
  • Understand that circumstances change and you may end up changing your Will or not being able to leave a gift to our charity in the end

If you want to find out more information about leaving a gift to Heart Research UK or let us know you have put us in your Will please fill out this form