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May: What are NET grants?

23 May, 2019


Heart Research UK introduced Novel and Emerging Technologies (NET) Grants in 2006.  They are proving very popular with researchers and a record number of grant applications arrived at our office at the start of this grant round.


We offer grants of up to £250,000 to give researchers the opportunity to apply for funding to develop a new and emerging technology, or a new application of an existing technology, to diagnose, treat and prevent heart disease and related conditions.


We want to support innovative, ambitious and multi-disciplinary research projects.  Applications for NET grants cover a diverse range of topics such as new MRI techniques for imaging the heart, artificial intelligence (AI) for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease, development of heart assist devices for heart failure, a new ECG-based test to predict the risk of sudden cardiac death and a method for reconditioning donor hearts for transplantation.


After going through several stages of rigorous assessment involving independent, scientific experts, the applications have been shortlisted to the best four.  We are excited to tell you that the four applicants are visiting our office in Leeds on Thursday 23 May  to give presentations to our Medical Review Panel who will then decide which are the best projects for us to support. Look out for our awards announcement in our next email.


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