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What they do:

DS Smith is an international packaging company headquartered in London with 30 sites around the UK, comprising of North, South and Industrial.

How they are supporting us:

The partnership began when a staff member discovered he had a serious heart condition after participating in a wellbeing initiative run by the company. His condition required lifesaving surgery which came as a huge shock to him as a relatively young person with a good diet and lifestyle.

The experience encouraged him to raise both awareness and funds for heart disease, and he was put in touch with us following a recommendation from his surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, who knew about our research and community projects in the Midlands and the UK.

Funds raised by DS Smith have helped many projects around the UK but in particular, they have been used for our Helping Little Hearts Near You campaign.

Further funding has also, more recently, been given to our Heart of Scotland Appeal. There’s lots more in the pipeline too, and at the moment, the company is taking part in our Treasure Your Heart and old foreign currency schemes which allow us to turn unwanted items like these into much-needed donations.

How we’re supporting them:

We have undertaken a huge number of fundraising activities with DS Smith, raising an impressive amount of funds for our heart research projects. From the introduction of our Healthy Heart Mark scheme participated in by the company’s UK workforce, to sourcing raffle prizes and offering support with in-house events, it’s been a particular pleasure to help run and support the company’s Healthy Heart Football Tournament since 2015!

“It’s been very rewarding working with HRUK Midlands over the years. We’ve organised some great events that have not only raised funds for the vital work the charity does, but we’ve had lots of fun and team bonding in the process! We’re looking forward to lots more!”

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