Project Title: Growing Healthier Communities

Award: £10,000

Here are some fantastic results from our ‘Growing Healthier Communities’ project delivered by Peterborough Environment City Trust. Awarded in 2018, this growing and cooking project benefitted 76 individuals and their families in Peterborough, with particular focus on the South Asian community: 


  • 29% said they will now grow food at home 
  • 51% of those who previously never cooked said they would now cook heart healthy recipes at home 
  • 33% of those who already cooked at home said they would now cook in a healthier way 
  • 100% said they would be more active 
  • 100% understood the heathy heart messages of low salt, low saturated fat, physical activity and 5-a-day 
  • 100% said they would share the healthy heart tips they had learnt with friends and families 


“It’s been really good to get out and meet people. It’s motivated me to try and get control of my weight and be a healthier person” Derek 

 “I really liked the way I could learn through doing and sharing rather than just being told what to do. The growing and cooking sessions really helped me to think about how I was looking after myself and to do things in a better way.” Diana 

 “I’ve really enjoyed learning how to grow food, I never knew it could be so easy!” Javeerea 

 “I didn’t realise salt was so bad for my heart but easy to replace!  I won’t be putting salt all over my food anymore!” Diana 

Check out the recipe card below for butternut squash curry and cucumber raita.  This isn’t just any old recipe, this is a Healthy Heart recipe