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Helping hearts by supporting 'bench-to-bedside' research
All aboard for a Healthy Heart with Adam Reach on Middlesbrough Football Academy's Active Bus
Investing in the heart surgeons of tomorrow
Helping children to learn about their hearts

At Heart Research UK we're grateful for every penny given to us. 

We're your local national charity, founded in 1967 by heart surgeon, David Watson to make surgery safer.  Originally the National Heart Research Fund, we changed our name to Heart Research UK in 2005.  As the second largest heart charity in the UK we fund pioneering medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease as well as helping communities improve their lifestyles with Healthy Heart Grants. 

Hundreds of people, up and down the UK, give donations, hold events and leave legacies. Organisations raise money for us and companies become our partners. They know that what is raised by you, is used to help hearts near you. 

Heart Research UK primarily funds medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease and develops the experts of tomorrow by helping clinicians to gain new skills and expertise.  We are also leading the way in Helping Little Hearts through exercise toolkits for child heart patients. 

We give out two types of research grant: Novel and Emerging Technology (NET) grants and Translational Research Project (TRP) grants. We currently fund over £2.2 million worth of research projects at hospitals and universities across the UK.  Read more about the research projects we are currently funding and highlights of completed projects.

Experts of tomorrow
Our Masterclasses are usually held twice a year and bring clinicians together to learn new techniques and procedures from the best in their field so that expertise is shared to benefit more patients. Masterclass topics for previous years have included heart bypass surgery techniques, cardiac MRI and aortic arch surgery. 

Children's rehabilitation
Currently, if an adult has heart problems, they leave hospital fully informed about the type of diet, exercise and general lifestyle regime they should follow – as well as being offered a full rehab programme, but with youngsters, this rarely happens. Having paid for research into what little is currently on offer for children and young people, we're now providing children's rehab programmes, especially for youngsters and their families, acrosss the country.

We realise that prevention is always better than cure and our Healthy Heart activities help people to help themselves. 

Healthy Heart Grants
Our unique HRUK Healthy Heart Grants fund local projects that encourage people to live heart-healthier lifestyles. Community groups around the UK have been awarded up to £10,000 each for activities that get people active, eating healthier diets and not smoking. From playing sport with their football heroes in Newcastle and Sunderland to dancing in Liverpool, thousands of people across the UK now know how to live healthier, happier and longer lives.  Here are just a few of our Healthy Heart Grant highlights.

We've also been able to fund more community-based projects through our HRUK and SUBWAY® Healthy Heart Grant programme made possible thanks to £360,000 donated by franchisees, employees and customers across the UK.

Healthy Hearts advice and education 
Whether it's helping little hearts at school; at work or just looking after your heart, Heart Research UK gives tailored talks and sessions, one-to-one checks,  leaflets and advice to help you live healthy heart lifestyles.