Helping Little Hearts

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Heart Research UK have developed an online resource full of ideas and advice to support children and adults with congenital heart disease to exercise.   

The website has the support of the team behind our Children’s exercise toolkits and the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Department at Southampton General Hospital.  Through this website people, schools and health professionals can access all of the resources contained in the children’s exercise toolkit as well as additional resources for both children and adults.  

Lucy Gowing, our Associate Research Fellow said that the website can help everyone effected by congenital heart disease and she’s particularly keep to help teenagers: “Teenagers and young people who are moving from paediatric to adult cardiac services can be particularly vulnerable to missing out on advice and support.  We are confident that the website can help some younger patients to continue exercising as they transition from one cardiac service to another and when moving schools.”

Visit the CHD website HERE