Project title: Community Slow Cooker Project

Region: Wales, Flintshire

Award amount: £9,959

Award date: July 2021

We have recently awarded a grant to the Clubhouse Management Committee to deliver a project which is set to support the local community in Bryn Gwalia, Flintshire.


The ‘Community Slow Cooker Project’ is a new scheme which is designed to improve awareness of heart healthy cooking and promote companionship amongst the cross-generational community. The project will involve participants preparing, cooking and eating together, with the support of an experienced chef.


The project is aimed at young and single parents, children, unemployed people and those suffering from poor mental health. The initiative will educate group members to ensure they are more aware of the different nutritional values within food and provide the necessary skills to cook a healthy meal on a low budget.


The inspiration behind the project came from seeing people from the community leaving their local Food Bank, and the potential challenges they face to make a healthy meal from donated cans and packets, whilst also balancing the cost of their household bills and other outgoings.


The local Community Garden will be used to allow members to grow their own fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs. The weekly after-school sessions will support young people to gain life-long skills, learning the key principles of gardening and cooking within a safe accessible venue and getting involved with eating the food that is prepared and playing with families and friends.


The project hopes to promote a zero-waste philosophy by providing members with Tiffin tins and encouraging them to bring their own Tupperware boxes to take home their leftover food.


Finally, the scheme will also offer physical exercise sessions such as gardening and yoga, catered for all abilities. The aim of the scheme is to provide a “meal in a box” for those who are vulnerable and unable to make their own meals due to ill-health, age or caring responsibilities.


The Heart Research UK and Subway Healthy Heart Grants aim to support and Empower communities, and we are confident the Community Slow Cooker Project will have a real impact on many people!

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